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Brother Tom’s Adventures (The Acts of Thomas) Part Five

Posted by JVP on May 14, 2008

After the talking donkey had been given a proper burial, Brother Tom and the crowd walked into the city proper. The family of the guy who’d been killed by the serpent and brought back to life really wanted him to come to their house, so he was heading in that direction, when suddenly a gorgeous women yelled at him. “Hey you, servant of the new God that’s sweeping India! I’ve heard he’s the best and only God, the one who saves the souls of his people and heals the bodies that are tortured by the Adversary! I’ve also heard that you’ve been helping people who need it. Please, let me tell my story to you, and maybe you can help me, and in doing so help all these people around us gain confidence in your God. I’ve been tortured by the enemy now for five years!”

“Well come on over here and tell me your problems,” answered Brother Tom.

The woman crossed through the crowd and stood in front of him. “For the longest time my life was pretty good, and fairly worry-free, because I didn’t have anybody to worry about. One day, though, it happened that I was heading out of the bath, and a really twitchy, obviously disturbed man approached me. I could barely hear what he said, but when I grasped it, it was shocking. ‘You and me are made for one another, sweetheart, and we’re gonna be in love and make sweet love with each other just like we’re married.’ I answered, and told him, ‘Listen, bud, I never even married the guy I was engaged to. Why would I submit to your filthy request?’ Thus said, I went on my way. My maid and I talked about what just happened, and I said, ‘Can you believe what that shameless young man just said to me? How rude!’ She answered that she hadn’t seen a young man, but an elderly one!

“We laughed it off, but after I’d gotten home and eaten dinner, I started having some suspicions about him, especially because he had two forms. I went to bed thinking about this, and sure enough, that night this foul thing came to me in my house and had foul sex with me. The next day, I saw him out in town and ran from him, but the next night he was back in my room again, abusing me. This has gone on for five years, and still he hasn’t left me. But, I’m convinced that you have power over demons and ghosts and other malevolent creatures, and that your prayers can drive them away. Please, pray for me, free me from this devil that’s tormenting me! Set me free so I can receive the grace of God that’s been accepted by my fellow townspeople!”

Brother Tom was sorely vexed, and called out the demon:

You Unrestrainable Evil!
You Brazen Devil!
You Jealous Son Who Never Sleeps!
You Ugly One Who Hates the Beautiful!
You of Many Forms But Single Odious Essence!
You Weasel Who Can’t Keep Faith!
You Poisonous Yew-Tree Who Drops Poisonous Fruit!
You Pernicious Fiend Who Attacks Strangers!
You Insolent Liar!
You Reprobate That Slithers Like A Snake!
Show Yourself!

When he finished speaking, the insidious one appeared in front of him. Only Brother Tom and the lady could see him, but when he screeched his reply, the whole crowd heard it:

“What the hell do you want, Representative of the Highest One?
Why can’t you mind your own business, Servant of Jesus Christ?
What do you want with us, advisor to God’s holy Son?
Why are you gonna try to destroy us before our time is come?
Why are you gonna try to take away our power?
Up until now, we had big plans and time to do them.
What have we done to you?
You have your people, and we have ours.
Why are you gonna judge us, when you teach others not to judge?
Why do you want our stuff; isn’t your own stuff good enough for you?
Why do you look so much like God’s Son, like you were born with him?
We thought we’d control him like we do everybody else.
Then he turned around and conquered us.
We didn’t really know him after all!
He fooled us because he was normal looking, poor and needy.
We saw his outward form that looked so week and human.
We didn’t know it was the one who gives life to the world.
And he gave us power over own, and free reign to travel in them.
You want more than you’re owed, more than you deserve!
Why do you need to cause us such trouble?”

When he’d had his say, the devil started crying and weeping and carrying on, sobbing to the woman:

“I’m gone, my beautiful concubine, after all this long time we’ve been together.
I don’t need you anymore, my love, my sister, my wonderful one.
Oh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, or who can help me.
Wait, I have an idea! I’m gonna hie myself out of here,
And find someplace that Brother Tom’s never been!”

The devil’s voice got louder and louder.

“Peace be with you, woman!
You’ve discovered somebody better than me.
I’m heading out to find another like you.
But listen up; if I don’t find one, you’ll see me again!
You’re perfectly safe when you’re around this guy!
But, as soon as he leaves you’ll forget all about him.
I’ll be back, and stronger than before when that happens,
But right now, I am GONE!”

With a blast of fire and a cloud of smoke, the devil disappeared, astonishing everyone in the crowd!

Brother Tom spoke to them. “This devil hasn’t done anything strange or wonderous, people. He’s just showed you his own nature. You saw him go up in a puff of smoke and fire, but let me tell you that when his time is come, he’ll be consumed and destroyed by fire and blown away in a cloud of smoke for good! We’ve witnessed something powerful today, so let’s pray.

“Jesus, hidden secret that’s been uncovered,
You’ve shown us all kinds of mysteries.
You called me away from my companions
And told me three words that fired me up!
I can’t tell them to anyone else. (Ed. See Gospel of Thomas, Saying 13)Jesus, they killed you and buried you!
Jesus, God above all Gods,
Salvationist who raises the dead and heals the sick!
Jesus, you were a needy man but saved like you had no needs!
You caught fish for breakfast and dinner,
And fed the multitudes with bread!
Jesus, you rested from travelling like a man,
And walked on water like a God.
Jesus, Highest one, with the most Gracious Voice,
Saviour of everything,
Right Hand of the Living Light,
Tossing over the Enemy through his own works,
Gathering his works into one place!
You have many forms, but are a solitary child,
First born of the Brothers and Sisters of the Highest God,
Though humbled and despised.

“Jesus Christ, you always answer when we call you.
You’ve become a reason for men to live.
You were judged and tossed into jail for us.
Now you free the ones enslaved!
You were called a liar, but redeem us from our errors.
I’m asking you on behalf of these people who stand here and believe in you.
They want to receive your gifts, and hope for your assistance,
And take comfort in how great you are!
They’re eager to hear what we have to say about you!
Bring them your peace, let it be a temple in them.
Let them cast off the old human with its errors,
And put on the new human that I’m telling them about!”

One by one, those in the crowd around Tom came forward, and he put his hands on their heads and blessed them, saying, “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you forever.” They answered, “Amen.”

When the beautiful woman came up to him, she asked him, “Servant of the Highest God, give me the seal so that devil doesn’t come back and torment me again.”

He took her to a clean river nearby, and put his hands on her head and sealed her in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. She wasn’t the only one sealed that day; lots more people came down to the river.

Tom then asked his deacon to set up a table for a meal. They spread a clean white cloth over it, and set out some bread. Brother Tom stretched his hands out over the bread, and said, “Jesus, you’ve said we’re good enough to celebrate the thanksgiving of your holy body and blood. We humbly offer this eucharist and call your name. Come, and speak with us.

“Come, perfect compassion.
Come, He who communes.
Come, She who knows the mysteries of the chosen one.
Come, She who takes part in all the victories of the Wrestler.
Come, Silence that sings forth the greatest of all greatnesses.
Come, She who uncovers hidden things and explains difficult things.
Come, Holy Dove who carries the young twins.
Come, Hidden Mother.
Come, She who we know by her works.
Come, She who gives joy and rest to her own.
Come and commune with us in this Thanksgiving we celebrate for you, in your name.
Come and commune with us at this Agape-dinner where we’re together because of you.”

When he’d said this, he made the sign of the cross over the bread, and broke off pieces to have around. He gave the first piece to the woman, telling her, “This is for you so your errors are forgiven forever.” Afterwards, he distributed the rest of the bread to everyone who’d been sealed, saying “This Thanksgiving is for life and repose, not for judgement or revenge.” They answered, “Amen.”


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