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The Hidden Word Made Manifest

What Adam Said

Posted by JVP on October 22, 2009

(Based on The Apocalypse of Adam)

This is what Adam told his boy Seth when he was seven hundred years old.

“Listen up, boy. When God made me out of earth, along with your momma Eve, we went everywhere in a glory since she’d seen it in the Aeon where we came from. She learned me a word of gnosis of God Eternal. We looked just like eternal angels then, because we were more powerful than the demiurge who made us and his servants– we didn’t even know them.

“Then that old Demiurge split us apart. He made us into two aeons, and that Glory left us, along with the first gnosis that’d been breathed into us. The Glory fled this place and went into the Pleroma, where the Aeons came from. That’s why I named you ‘Seth,’ after the spiritual founder of our people who keeps the Glory and the Gnosis.

“After that happened, we forgot about the True God. Because we forgot Him, everything we learned about was dead, like humans. Then we thought the Demiurge was the real god, because he had power over us. He ruled us through fear and enslaved us, and our hearts and minds turned shadowy and dim. Until one day, when I had a dream….

“Three men stood in front of me, but I didn’t recognize them since they weren’t made by the Demiurge. They were surpassing lovely to gaze upon, and said, ‘Wake up, Adam, from your deathbed, and listen to us tell you about the aeon and the seed of the man of life, who came from you and Eve.’

“After they told us about the aeon and the seed of the man of life, your momma and I were at a mighty peace. Suddenly, though, that old Demiurge got up in front of us and said, ‘Adam, why are you two so self-satisfied? Don’t you know that I’m the one who made you and gave you your soul?’ And shadows fell back over our sight.

“Then that old Demiurge had his way with your momma Eve and made a son out of her. After that, he put lust inside me, and I knew what it was to have a powerful desire for woman, and our gnosis was destroyed, and we were weak. I knew at that point that I was gonna die someday– I was under death’s power.

“Now I’m gonna tell you, my boy, what those men told me before the Demiurge got to us and put us under death’s power. After I die, and after everybody from this generation dies, the Demiurge is gonna try to wipe out everything with a vast and powerful rainstorm. He’s gonna destroy every living thing, all so he can get rid of those of us who know the truth about the seed of gnosis. But don’t fret– the ones who know the truth will be saved by a multitude of angels, while the dead and fleshy bodies will rot under the waters.

“When he thinks he’s done his deed, he’ll be satisfied, and he’ll save some of his sons and daughters and some of the animals in the ark along with Noah. He’ll tell Noah, who the Greek people also know as Deucalion, ‘Look, I saved you all in the ark, along with your sons and daughters and every animal you decided you’d take with you, both beasts and birds. I’m giving you the whole world to rule over as a king, and none of your offspring will come from the seed of those people who don’t acknowledge that I’m the boss.’

“Noah’s descendants and all them people who were tossed out of the gnosis of the Pleroma and the Aeons are gonna cloud up the true light. But the True God, He’s gonna send back those people with knowledge of the True God to sneak into Noah’s world and confront him. When the Demiurge gets wind that they’re around, he’s gonna face off with Noah, and say, ‘What’s the deal here, Noah? Didn’t I tell you my plan? You’ve made this whole group of offspring so you can try to get out from under my thumb.’ Noah’s gonna grovel, and answer the Demiurge. ‘I swear I didn’t do that, mighty one. These people didn’t come from me or my sons.’

“Noah’s gonna banish those people to their own place– really a holy place. They’ll know the true name and live in their own place for six hundred years with the knowledge of eternity. They’ll have angels living with them, and nothing dirty will cross their minds– they’ll only have gnosis of the True God.

“While that’s going on, Noah’s gonna split up the world between his sons, Ham, Japheth and Shem. He’s gonna tell them, ‘Listen up, you. I’ve given you guys each your own kingdom, but you’d better serve that god who made us (the Demiurge) for as long as you live. You’re his slaves and need to remember to fear him.’

“Then he went back to that old Demiurge and said, ‘Not to worry, boss. My offspring are gonna please you and do what you say. Now you have to show your power by making them afraid of you and giving them some commandments to live by, so that my descendants won’t turn away from you, but serve you humbly and fearfully.’

“But listen, Seth: some of Ham and Japheth’s sons and daughters– four hundred thousand of them– are gonna strike out and find the land of those people who have the gnosis. The power of the Pleroma will protect those people from evil and desire. The rest of Ham and Japheth’s offspring are gonna divide into twelve kingdoms, but there will still be people who leave those kingdoms and join the people of the truth, who know the aeons of eternity.

“The people who still worship the Demiurge, who they call Saklas, are gonna raise a mighty stink to him, and ask him, ‘What’s the deal with these guys who were with us but abandoned you for this other Aeon? They acted against your glory, and overturned your power and rebelled against your rulership. Look, everybody who was really and truly came from Noah and his people do everything you say and serve you, just like all the powers in the places you rule so strongly, but these jerks who left us are trying to ruin everything.’

“To get at them, Saklas’ll send down some of his powers, who’ll make their way to the country of the undefiled people who won’t ever be defiled, since their souls are imperishable. Hellfire and coals and tar will rain down on that place, darkening their eyes and blinding those who watch for them in a powerful conflagration.

“They’ll be saved, though– the great light of the Pleroma will come over them, and Abrasax and Sablo and Gamaliel, who live in the Pleroma, will come and save those people from the fire and destruction, and take them out of the places where the Archons rule to the Pleroma, to live in the Aeons like angels. The Pleroma is gonna be their home, since they know the unbreakable seed.

“Some time after that, a Great Enlightener of Gnosis is gonna pass by over the world, planting the unbreakable seed among the people of Ham and Japheth so he can grow a garden of date-bearing palms. He’s gonna lift the people up out of death. Don’t forget, everything the Demiurge made is gonna die– he’s the King of Death. But the ones who meditate on the gnosis of the True God in their hearts and minds are gonna live forever. They don’t just have the gifts of the world, but also the unbreakable seed brought from the imperishable realms. The Great Enlightener is gonna work miracles and show them signs so they’ll know the Demiurge and the Archons don’t have power over everything.

“Then the Demiurge is gonna be furious, and ask his helpers, ‘Who does this guy think he is? He’s acting like he’s better than us.’ And he’s gonna stir up trouble over that Great Enlightener, and set humanity against him. But the Great Enlightener is gonna escape the realm of flesh so the Demiurge and his creeps can’t see him. They’ll put his flesh to death, but not the Holy Spirit inside him.

“All of the Archons and the people who follow them will start using his name the wrong way, trying to figure out where he came from, and trying to root out how he was able to work wonders.

“The first kingdom will say, ‘He came from the skies. He got his power in the skies and got his glory from them. His mother birthed him and nursed him, and that’s how he came to the water.’

“The second kingdom will say, ‘His father was a prophet, and when he was born a bird carried him to the top of a mountain. The bird brought him up, until one day an angel appeared to him and told him, “Get up! God’s glory is yours.” He took this glory and strength, and that’s how he came to the water.’

“The third kingdom will say, ‘His mother was a virgin. He was exiled from his city, along with his momma. He went to the desert, where he was brought up and given his glory and power, and that’s how he came to the water.’

“The fourth kingdom will say, ‘He came from a holy virgin, but here’s how it went. Solomon wanted to find a holy virgin. He sent out Phersalo and Sauel and his army of demons to find her. They didn’t find the holy virgin they were looking for, but found a different virgin instead. Meanwhile, this guy’s momma raised him in the desert, where he got his power from her holiness, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The fifth kingdom will say, ‘He came out of a rainshower into the sea. The depths took him in and birthed him, and sent him back to heaven, where he got his power, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The sixth kingdom will say, ‘His momma came down to the world to pick flowers. The flowers lusted after her, and she got pregnant from their lust. She birthed him there, and he was brought up by angels in the flower garden. They gave him his pwoer, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The seventh kingdom will say, ‘He did come from a raindrop, from the sky. When he fell down, dragons took him up and brought him into their caverns. He grew up there, and when he was a little boy a spirit came along and took him back to the skies, where he got his power, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The eighth kingdom will say, ‘One day a cloud came out of the sky and surrounded a rock. This is how he was born, from the rock. The angels who lived in the cloud brought him up and gave him his power. This is how he came to the water.’

“The ninth kingdom will say, ‘One of the nine Muses ran away to a mountain, where she sat for a time. After a while she lusted after herself and became man and woman. She made herself pregnant, and the angels who rule desire gave him his power. This is how he came to the water.’

“The tenth kingdom will say, ‘This guy had his own god, who fell in love with a cloud. He knew himself into his palm, and tossed these drops into the cloud, and he was born. This is where he received his power, and how he came to the water.’

“The eleventh kingdom will say, ‘A father lusted after his own daughter and made her pregnant. She was cast out into a tomb in the desert, where she gave birth to him and died. An angel brought him out of there and gave him his power, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The twelfth kingdom will say, ‘He descended from two other Enlighteners, who gave him his power, and this is how he came to the water.’

“The thirteenth kingdom, of Shem, will say, ‘Every time our ruler is born, so is a Word. He’s one of these Words, and has a commission from our ruler. This is where he got his power, and this is how he came to the water.’

“Only the people who aren’t ruled by a king will say, ‘The True God chose him out of all of the Aeons. He gave him the gnosis of the perfect One of Truth, who entered into him. He said, “From a strange sky, from a powerful Aeon, the Great Enlightener came along. He made those people he chose for himself shine with a powerful light so they could shine over everything.”‘

“Then those people who took his name, who have the unbreakable seed, are gonna rise up against the powers and people of this world until a dark cloud comes down over them.

“The unfortunate people who serve the Demiurge will shout out, saying ‘The people who know the True God are lucky, because they have the gnosis of the Truth! They’ll live forever with the angels, because they haven’t let desire eat away at them. They haven’t obeyed the powers of the world, or done their work, but have stood fast in the presence of the gnosis of the True God, shining forth like a light from fire and blood.

“‘We’ve followed the Demiurge and the Archons blindly. We’ve been arrogant and boastfull. We’ve cried out against the True God and the eternal places, and all of these are marks on our spirits. And now we know that our souls will perish when we do.’

“Then they’ll hear a mighty voice, saying, ‘In the names of Micheu, Michar and Mnesinous, who rule over the washing with the Living Water, how come you cried out against the Living God, with frenzied and foul words in evil tongues, your souls full of terror and gore? Even though everything you did was done in falsehood, you celebrate it joyfully. You’ve muddied the waters of truth and tried to turn those waters over to the Archons and their King.

“You don’t think like the people you persecute. You’re full of desire, and they’re not. Their fruit doesn’t rot on the tree. They’ll reside in the Aeons, because they’ve kept the Word of the True God, so their foul deeds weren’t recorded in the Great Book. The Words of the Great Book will descend with the angels unknown to you people. These Words will rest on a high peak, on a Rock of Truth, and will be called “The Words of Eternity and Truth,” and will be for those people with the gnosis of the True God, who have wisdom and comprehension and will always be guided by angels, forever. He knows all things.'”

This is what Adam told his boy Seth, and Seth passed this down to his own children, and they did the same. Indeed, this is the secret gnosis of Adam: the holy baptism of the ones with gnosis of the eternal, and of those who were born from the Word and the Great Enlighteners who came from the unbreakable seed.

Yesseus, Mazareus, Yessedekeus, the Living Water. Amen.


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