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The Archons Are Real! (The Hypostasis of the Archons)

Posted by JVP on April 4, 2008

Because the Archons are real, the Apostle Paul– talking about “the Rulers of Darkness”– told us that “our struggle isn’t against flesh and blood, but the Rulers of the Universe and the Spirits of Wickedness.” I sent this to you because you asked whether the Archons are really “real.”

The leader of the Archons is blind, because he’s only concerned with power, and he’s ignorant and arrogant, and says things like “I ALONE AM GOD: NONE EXIST OUTSIDE OF ME.” Saying this, he wronged the Pleroma. His voice carried up to the perfect realm and a Voice shouted back: “You’re crazy Samael, God of the Blind.”

His thoughts couldn’t see anything. But, since Pistis Sophia wanted him to, he unwittingly threw his power down to the abyss of Chaos by saying these things. She then set up each one of his children based on their qualities, based on the pattern of the Pleroma. The World of Forms, which we can see, is based on the Pleroma, which we can’t.

As perfection gazed into the abyss, her reflection showed up in the water, and the Archons fell in love with the reflection. But see, they couldn’t grab the image. They were too weak. They don’t have spirits, only souls, so they can’t do anything to things that have spirits. They came from underneath, while she came from above. She looked down into the abyss because the Father wanted her to redeem everything by bringing it into the light.

Meanwhile, the Archons were scheming and said, “Come on, let’s make a human out of dirt.” They made an animal out of clay. They were confused, though, and modelled this body partly after what they themselves looked like, and partly on the female image they saw reflected in the abyss. They said, “okay, let’s trap that image we couldn’t grab inside this form we made.” They stood it up in front of the reflection, and that image breathed into the face of the human, which is how the human got a soul. Of course, the human was still inanimate and just laid there on the ground. They weren’t strong enough to make him get up. They tried blowing on him like the image did, but didn’t get it.

Now, the Father knew all this was gonna happen and made it happen on purpose.

So the Archons are blowing on the human figure, to no avail, and then the Holy Spirit sees the ensouled human laying on the ground. The Holy Spirit swooped down out of the Diamond Land and went inside of the human. It came to live inside him, so that ensouled human came alive. It named him “Adam,” because he was sitting on the ground. The Archons took all of the animals and birds to Adam so he could name them, and a Voice from the Pleroma came down to help him.

They tossed Adam into the Garden and made him take care of it and guard it, and told him, “You can eat off of any of these trees, but stay the heck away from the one that’ll give you the power to tell good from evil. If you eat that fruit, you’ll die.” Of course, when they said this, they didn’t realize that they worded it based on the Voice of the Father, and he duped them into wording it in a way that would really encourage him to eat from this tree, so that he’d really be able to suss out what they were.

So the Archons were talking to each other and decided to put Adam into a really deep sleep and excise the Spirit inside him. This “sleep” they put him under is actually “Ignorance.” While he was “asleep,” they cut a piece out of his side, and made it into a woman. This woman, however, contained the Holy Spirit, leaving him with nothing but a soul. She woke him up, and said, “Get up, Adam!” He looked at her and said, “Wow, you’ve made me come alive! Your name is ‘Mother of Life’ because you’re filled with the Holy Spirit. She’s the Doctor, the Woman, the Womb.”

The Archons saw the man and the woman talking and became really angry and anxious, and developed a serious crush on the woman. They plotted with each other, and said, “Come on, let’s rape her,” and started chasing after her. She laughed and laughed at them, because they were so stupid and blind and naive. They tried to grab her, but she turned into a tree and left behind a shadow that looked like her. The Archons were so ignorant they raped the shadow instead. They really doomed themselves by doing this, because they raped the image of something they created based on an image from above combined with their own image. They were really enmeshed in illusion at this point, and opened the door to their own destruction.

So the female Holy Spirit entered the snake– the Teacher– and said to the humans, “So to clarify: they told you you could eat anything that grows in this garden except the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?” The shadow woman answered, “Even worse. They didn’t just say, ‘don’t eat it,’ but ‘don’t even touch it, because as soon as you do, you’ll die.'”

The snake answered, “You’re not going to die instantly. They only told you this because they’re jealous of you. What will actually happen is that you’ll be able to See, and you’ll be like Aeons, and will actually be able to figure out good from evil.” As soon as she’d said this, the female Holy Spirit left the snake, which turned back into a plain old snake.

So the shadow-woman plucked the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and gave some to Adam. (Remember, these two didn’t have spirit, only soul.) As soon as they’d eaten, they realized that the didn’t know anything, that they were imperfect, and didn’t have a spiritual part– they were “naked.” This is why they covered themselves with fig leaves.

Then the leader of the Archons came along looking for them. He didn’t know what happened, and called out, “Where are you, Adam?” Adam replied, “I’m hiding from you because I’m naked.”

The leader of the Archons said, “What the heck, man? You ate that fruit, didn’t you? The only reason you’d know to hide is if you ate it!”

Adam replied, defiantly, “Eve gave it to me and yeah, I ate it!” And Eve retorted, “Damn right I did. I ate it because the snake told me to.” The leader of the Archons cursed the humans and the snake, but they didn’t realize that the Holy Spirit had left the snake and they were only cursing something they’d made. The snake will be cursed until the Perfect Human arrives.

Next, they tossed Adam and Eve out of the garden, since they’re also under the curse. They made it so that humanity would have to work all the time and focus so much on material things that they wouldn’t have time or the chance to focus on the Holy Spirit.

After this happened, Eve had a son named Cain, and Cain became a farmer and sacrified material things to the Archon. Then they had a second son, Abel, and Abel sacrificed living things to the Archon. Cain, the carnal, saw that the Archon prefered Abel’s offerings, so he killed his brother.

The Archon asked Cain, “Where’s your brother Abel?”
Cain replied, “What, do I have to know where he is at every second?”
The Archon replied: “Listen! You can hear your brother’s blood shouting up to me. You’re nothing but a liar. Here’s your punishment: anybody who kills you like you killed Abel will be cursed seven times over, and your life is gonna be miserable and terrible.”

Meanwhile, Adam and Eve had another son, who they named Seth. Eve knew something was different about Seth, and said, “Seth takes Abel’s place, and Seth comes from the True God.” After this she had a daughter named Norea, and said, “The True God also gave us a virgin saviour who will take care of humanity for a long, long time.” Norea, the virgin, was never ruined by the Archons.

So, with the assistance of Norea, humanity started to grow and evolve. The Archons didn’t like this too much; they were feeling threatened. They planned and schemed and said, “Let’s just kill everything living in a huge flood so we won’t have to worry about it any more.” But the Ruler of the Aeons found out about this nasty plan and told Noah about it. He said, “Noah, build an ark out of strong wood and fill it up with animals and birds, and you and your family can hide in it during the flood. Put it on Mount Sir.”

Norea tried to get on board the ark, but Noah didn’t recogize her so he didn’t let her in. So she blew on the ark and it burst into flames and Noah had to start over. Meanwhile, the Archons went to find her, wanting to fool her into “missing the boat.” They told her, “So your mom, Eve, is on our side, you know. She always has been; she even let us know her.” Norea knew better, of course, and replied, “You don’t rule anything but darkness. You’re doomed. You never knew my mother. You only knew your own female image. I’m not your descendant; I come from the Pleroma.”

The arrogant leader of the Archons, reared up at her with all he had, like a huge black dragon, and screamed at her, “You have to serve us like your mother did! Don’t you know that I have the ultimate power over this place?!” Norea responded with the strength of the Aeons, and shouted up to the Pleroma, to the holy God of the Entirety, “Save me from the hands of the terrible Archons, now!”

A poweful messenger descended from the Aeons, asking her, “Who are you to so confidently approach the Holy Spirit?”

Norea asked, “Who are you?” The Archons, meanwhile, had snuck off.

The angel answered, “I’m Eleleth, Clear-headedness, and I’m present with the Holy Spirit. They sent me down to talk to you and save you from the Archons, and tell you where you came from.”

Now, I can’t even begin to describe how powerful Eleleth is. His bearing is perfect whiteness, like snow, and his face is like gold. Seriously, I can’t even tell you how amazing his power is, or how he looked.

“I’m understanding,” he said. “I’m one of the Four Lights who stand with the Great Invisible Spirit. Are you really worried about these Archons? They’re destined to lose against the Truth of the Saviour. You, and your generation, are imperishable and reside in the Pleroma with the perfect and pure Holy Spirit, who always defeats the Archons and the World of Forms.”

I replied, “Tell me about these Archons, if you will. Why are there Archons? How were they born? What were they made of, and who created them and gave them their power?”

He answered, “Perfection lives in eternity and eternal balance. The Feminine Power, Sophia, also known as Faith, decided to create something on her own, without her Masculine counterpart, and she gave birth to something in the skies. There’s a border between the uncreated and the created, and shadow appeared in the lower realms below that border, and that shadow turned into matter. Sophia’s offspring came out into that matter, like an abortion. The shadow hardened and gave it form, and it looked like an androgynous lion.

“This offspring opened his eyes and saw limitless form, and thought he’d created it. This is when he said ‘I’m the only God; nobody exists but me!’ Of course, when he said this, he wronged the Pleroma with this untruth. A voice shouted down, ‘You’re completely wrong, Samael!’ Samael means ‘god of the blind.’

“So he answered. ‘Fine, if you’re really out there, show yourself.’ As soon as he said that, Sophia stretched out her hand and sent light into the World of Forms, and followed it down into the chaos. She swooped down and showed the light, then swooped back up, and the World of Forms went dark again when she left.

“Now this Archon, neither male nor female, made a huge, nearly limitless space for itself, and decided to make children for himself. He created seven children who were also all androgynous, and told them, ‘I’m God; I’m Lord over Everything.’

“Then Zoe, Pistis Sophia’s Daughter, shouted down at him, ‘You’re wrong, Saklas!’– Saklas is another name for Yaldabaoth. She breathed on him, and her breath turned into a messenger of fire who tied up Yaldabaoth and tossed him down into Tartaros, the lowest and densest part of the World of Forms.

“One of Yaldabaoth’s children, Sabaoth, witnessed this and immediately recanted his role, condemning Yaldabaoth and the World of Forms. He gave up on the World of Forms and sang prayers to Sophia and Zoe, who took him up and put him in charge of the seventh sky, right below the border between the Pleroma and the World of Forms. Now he’s called ‘God of the Forces,’ since he’s above the rest of the forces of chaos thanks to Sophia.

“After this, Sabaoth created a massive chariot and cherubim and a myriad of angels to minister and sing and create music. Sophia asked Zoe to sit on his right side teach him all about the eighth heaven, and an angel of severity sat on his left side. Since then his right side has been known as ‘Life’ and his left side ‘Severity.’ All this happened before your time.

“Now, Yaldabaoth saw how amazing Sabaoth had become, and seethed with envy, which was so strong it took on a life of its own. This is how envy came around. Envy gave birth to Death, which created its own children and parcelled out parts of its own heavens within chaos. Of course, and this is important to understand, all of this happened because the Father wanted it to, because everything that could possibly happen– the sum of all chaos– needed to happen in order to perfectly reflect all of the possibilities of the Pleroma.

“So there, now you know all about the Archons, and where they came from, and what they’re made of, and why they exist.”

I still had one more question. “Eleleth, am I also one of their offspring? Am I created out of the same ‘stuff’?”

“You and your generation are actually from the Original Father, from the pleroma and the imperishable light. This is why the Archons can’t even get anywhere near them. They have truth and spirit dwelling within, and everybody who has gnosis of this lives outside of death even though humanity still dies. Still, that spirit can’t be known just yet. It’s gonna take three generations [from Noah] before they can be freed from the chains of the Archons.

“So how much longer is that?” I asked.

“Until the Man of Truth enters a created form and uncovers the truth sent from the Pleroma. He’ll teach them and show them what’s what, and wash them with the oil of eternal life. Then their eyes will open, and they’ll conquer death, which came from the Archons, and they’ll rise up into the realms of the Limitless Light.

“Then the Archons will finally repent, and their angels and demons will mourn their destruction. All of the light’s children will finally experience gnosis of the truth, and know where they came from and who their parnts are and all about the Holy Spirit.

“And they’ll all sing, all at once, ‘The Father’s Truth is Perfect, and the Mother’s Wisdom is Limitless, and the Son Rules Everything Now and Forever,’ and in a single joyful voice will shout in the Pleroma, ‘Holy, holy, holy, Amen!'”
Based on The Hypostasis of the Archons from the Nag Hammadi Library, trans. Layton


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